Dimondstein: Trump attacks integrity of postal workers across country

From: Mark Dimondstein via ActionNetwork.org
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 1:59 PM
Subject: Trump attacks the integrity of postal workers across the country

Brothers and Sisters,

Over the last weekend Donald Trump accused USPS employees of “throw[ing] away” mail-in election ballots. Without any substance or fact, he accused us of breaking our oath as postal workers. Click on the links for Trump’s full comments on Oct. 29th and Oct. 30th.

APWU President Dimondstein

APWU President Dimondstein

I urge you not to take his comments lightly. He is willing to throw you and all workers under the bus for his own ego. Quite simply he does not value a public Postal Service and has no respect for the work of any postal employee.

Trump does not support the rights of workers to have a voice in their workplace and to collectively bargain. Right now he is battling a Unite Here! organizing drive at one of his hotels in Las Vegas, NV.

Who you vote for is a personal decision, but I urge you to remember his comments when you fill out your ballot in the next week.

In Union Solidarity,

Mark Dimondstein, President

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