APWU Launches New TV Ad – “We Deliver Almost Anything”

04/12/2019 – The APWU continues our offensive against the White House proposals to sell the Postal Service to private corporations.

The lighthearted video makes a crucial point – of all the many things the Postal Service will accept from the public, tax dollars are not one of them. The video advertisement release is in coordination with Tax Day actions all over the country on Monday, April 15.

“This Tax Day weekend, the APWU is breaking through the false narrative that the public Postal Service is a burden to taxpayers,” said President Dimondstein. “With this false narrative, privatizers were able to push through the disastrous 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Now, the White House is using it to sell off our national treasure.”

Watch and share the video with your friends and family.

APWU Press Release:

Source: APWU

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