APWU COLA Update: Employees Covered by National Agreement

COLA1For Employees Covered by the National Agreement:

(05/21/14) In April 2014, the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) rose to 695.356. This index is above the point of the last adjustment: 692.725. The sixth COLA adjustment under the 2010 National Agreement will be based on the July 2014 CPI Index point and will be effective September 6, 2014, (pay period 20-2014, pay date September 26, 2014). However, if the adjustment were made based on the April 2014 Index – the first month of the six-month adjustment period – the adjustment would be:

Per Annum: $520.00

Per Pay Period: $20.00

Cents Per Hour: 25¢

The first and third COLAs were effective March 9, 2013 (pay period 07-2013, pay date March 29, 2013) and totaled $207.00 per year, $7.96 per pay, and $0.10 per hour.

The second and fourth COLAs under the 2010 National Agreement were effective Sept. 7, 2013 (pay period 20-2013, pay date Sept. 27, 2013) and totaled $937.00 per year, $36.04 per pay period, and $0.45 per hour.

The fifth COLA which would have been effective March 8, 2014 was zero.

Seven COLA adjustments are provided for under the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement based on the Jan. 2012, July 2012, Jan. 2013, July 2013, Jan. 2014, July 2014, and Jan. 2015 releases of the CPI-W. So far, under the 2010 National Agreement, employees have received cost-of-living adjustments totaling $1,144.00.

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