2022 Postal Labor Unions Summer School (PLUSS) – Early Registration Discount Ending Soon


I would like to remind you the early registration discount for the 2022 Postal Labor Unions Summer School (PLUSS) ends soon. The early registration fee discounted rates change on different dates for ‘Advanced Week’ and ‘Basic Week’ courses. The early registration fee discount ends on April 15th for Advanced and April 22nd for Basic. The attached brochure provides more detailed information on the registration fees and the associated dates of rate changes.

Additionally, the PLUSS website (www.pluss-summerschool.org) ‘Registration’ page has similar information and a link to register students. New pages have recently been added to the website such as: ‘FAQs’ (frequently asked questions), ‘Agendas’, and ‘Food’. Other pages like ‘Location’ have been updated with new information also.

Should you have any questions after reviewing the information available on the website and the attached brochure, please let me know.

Aaron Ondo
PLUSS Coordinator

2022 PLUSS – Brochure – Revised – 4-13-22

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