2016 All Over Again? – Will APWU endorse Bernie Sanders?

Is the APWU about to endorse Bernie Sanders for president? Did they interview all the presidential candidates or just the one that our national president supports? I keep hearing that Bernie Sanders is the champion of postal issues. No kidding we alert him to our issues and he speaks on our behalf. My guess if we gave the other candidates running for president a heads up on our issues, they would also support us.

If you are wondering why Trump and the GOP don’t attack Bernie Sanders it’s because they welcome him as a candidate. If you wonder why they attack Biden, it’s because he can beat Trump. And there are other good candidates in the race, why is the APWU about repeat history and back someone who can’t win.

I remember Bernie Sanders was sitting in his new cabin in Vermont in the last few months of the 2016 election writing his book. He did limited appearances for Clinton and refused to allow access to his email list. No, I am not a fan, he like Trump is not really a member of the party for which he seeks the nomination. He has made so many wacky promises and like Trump has no idea how to pay for them.

The leadership of the APWU does a disservice to the membership by getting involved in this primary. I know our national president owns or owned property in Vermont and it’s sweet that he has a man crush on Bernie, but there are so many real issues facing the membership and who to support in the Democratic primary is not even in the top ten.

I would ask the membership to hold your executive board accountable for wasting resources and time on supporting Bernie Sanders. Seek out your regional coordinator, craft officers and executive officers and ask hard questions. How many people were personally interviewed, why wasn’t the entire membership polled and why when so many members are suffering do, we waste time on the primary before the first votes are cast.

Our national trusted the membership to send 400,00 letters to the BOG about the next PMG, but couldn’t figure out a way to conduct a national poll with the members on who to support in the primary. Make sense to you?

Note: I know sometimes Randy places these posts on FB, I have left FB until after the election based on their decision to allow false campaign ads on their platform.

First Name: LeRoy
Last Name: Moyer
Email: apwuldm@gmail.com
Union/Local: APWU – Charlotte, 375
Office held if any: Past President of Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union and Charlotte Area Local, Past Co-Chair NPC

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Boston Metro
    Office held, if any
    Area VP and arbitration advocate (long time ago)
    Email Address

    Brother Moyer,

    Speaking to your comment about the decision to endorse without feedback from the membership, I saw this at Politico.

    The ATU used feedback from their membership to endorse for the primary. Not sure if they reached every member, but it is clear the union wanted to know where the membership was leaning in the choice.

    Major union flips support from Sanders to Biden

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Utica NY Local
    Office held, if any
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    The Bernie Sanders endorsement leaves one to ask the following:

    Why endorse a candidate who is proposing Medicare for All which would be the end of the APWU Health Plan and the millions reimbursed to the APWU each year.

    Why not endorse a die-hard Union supporter in Joe Biden who proposes strengthening O Bama Care, making health care affordable and preserving our APWU Health Plan.

    Why not hold off on any endorsement until we have a candidate every Union in America can get behind 100%.

    I guess the only thing left now is the letter from APWU Headquarters asking members to “vote your conscience.”

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