USPS: VPO on wheels – Mobile market offers postal services

The nation’s first mobile Village Post Office (VPO) recently rolled into Dallas District.

The “VPO on wheels” is part of the Hummingbird Market, owned by Pam Slate, the widow of a Marine Corps veteran. The market sells food grown by veterans who participate in a farm cooperative, as well as gifts made by veterans.

Originally, the VPO was part of Slate’s brick-and-mortar shop. When she decided to close and start a mobile market instead, she expected to lose the VPO, but Dallas District Retail Manager Kelley Davis had a different idea.

“I thought, ‘Instead of closing this VPO, why not try something new?’” said Davis.

The Hummingbird Market travels to several events in Texas, including one of the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor flea markets, the First Monday Trade Days in Canton.

Slate said she’s excited to offer customers the convenience of being able to ship items from the market as soon as they’ve purchased them.

“I’m happy to have a way to provide a sustainable food source and the iconic Postal Service while supporting veterans,” she said.

USPS has opened more than 600 VPOs, which help make postal products and services more convenient for customers. Visit the Village Post Office site for more information.

via USPS News Link Story – VPO on wheels.


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