USPS: Make emergency preparedness a priority

Having an evacuation plan is one way USPS employees and their families can prepare for a disaster.

August 31, 2023
September is National Preparedness Month, and the Postal Service is encouraging employees to take time to prepare for the unexpected.

“Disaster professionals suggest scheduling time on your calendar to create an emergency plan,” said USPS Corporate Affairs Vice President Judy de Torok, who oversees the organization’s continuity and preparedness team.

Here are some tips for planning and preparing for a disaster:

• Have a family communication plan. Make sure your family knows whom to call and when.

• Have supplies. Create and rotate a stockpile of water, nonperishable food and other necessities.

• Have an evacuation plan. Conduct an evacuation drill with your family.

• Have a plan for sheltering in place. Practice staying put with your family.

• Be in the know. Sign up to receive local emergency alerts and warnings by email and text.

• Know the threats in your area. Are wildfires or tornadoes a possibility? Are you in a place that could get hit by a hurricane or that is prone to floods?

“Take photos or make copies of your most important documents — driver’s license, passport, etc. Locate others, such as wills or powers of attorney, make copies and put them in a fireproof safe,” said de Torok. “I encourage everyone to schedule time today to ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones for possible unforeseen events.”

The USPS National Preparedness Blue page has more information.

Source: USPS

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    As if they cared. Postal employees in the affected areas of Idalia, a very powerful CAT 3, were released LESS THAN 2 HOURS before it made landfall. This would have been when those areas were already seeing hurricane force winds, heavy rain, and tidal surge. Not to mention hours after evacuation orders had been issued by the state. You were also expected to return to work NLT than 2300 that same evening, if that time fell anywhere in your normal work schedule.

    The USPS absolutely does not care about rank-and-file craft employees. You are just a warm body, expendable, and easily replaced by newer, younger, lower paid employees. Do what is best and safest for you and your family. The USPS obviously learned NOTHING from Katrina and 2005. You are absolutely not obligated to report to work after mandatory evacuation orders have been issued.

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