Postal Service will deliver Amazon packages on Sundays

File photograph of packageThe U.S. Postal Service will start Sunday home deliveries this week throughout Northern California, thanks to a special deal with Amazon.

The online retailer, which has massive distribution centers in Patterson and Tracy, began testing Sunday deliveries in several big cities earlier this year.

Apparently Amazon liked the result, because it’s expanding the service to most of California. At least that’s what Postal Service spokesman Augustine Ruiz revealed Wednesday.

Amazon is staying mum on the deal.

“We haven’t made any announcements yet, but stay tuned,” Amazon spokeswoman Ashley Robinson said. “We expect to roll out Sunday delivery to a large portion of the U.S. population this year.”

It won’t be regular postal workers making those deliveries.

Ruiz said the Postal Service has hired 157 new temporary employees to deliver those packages to customers from Fresno to the Oregon border.

That includes 98 city carrier assistants, 24 rural carrier assistants and 35 mail processing clerks who will help sort packages. And the hiring continues.

Some of those new employees will work full time, but as temporary workers they won’t receive the same benefits or pay rate as career Postal Service employees. The city carrier assistants, for instance, earn about $15.30 per hour.

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