Employees should follow the USPS ethics guidelines on outside activities

USPS employees are not permitted to work for other organizations that deliver items that could otherwise be sent through the mail.

April 3, 2024
USPS wants employees to remember that there are rules for engaging in outside activities that conflict, or appear to conflict, with their official Postal Service duties.

Under the USPS Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct, employees:

May not work in any capacity for an entity that delivers matter that could otherwise be sent via U.S. Mail. This includes delivery companies such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx and DHL.

May not receive compensation from an outside source for teaching, speaking or writing that is related to their official duties. An exception exists for teaching an established curriculum at an educational institution.

May not accept compensation from any foreign government.

May not represent an outside organization or person before the federal government, regardless of whether there is payment involved. There are limited exceptions.

When it comes to fundraising, USPS employees:

May engage in charitable fundraising in their personal capacity if it is done on their own time, out of the workplace and with no reference to their postal position. The only charitable fundraising permitted in postal workplaces is through the Combined Federal Campaign, which operates under different rules.

May not solicit money for personal causes from subordinates or people with whom they have official dealings on behalf of the Postal Service at any time.

May not raise funds for partisan political candidates, parties or groups at any time.

Employees should consult with the USPS Ethics Office before engaging in any outside activity that could create a financial conflict of interest or the appearance of impartiality in doing postal work.

Employees with questions should email the USPS Ethics Office or call 202-268-6346. The Ethics Blue page has more information.

Source: USPS

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