Cairo, FL Post Office $90K Marijuana Bust

A dope delivery worth some serious dough gets two men in trouble.

According to police, on Monday, approximately $90,000 worth of marijuana was confiscated at the Cairo Post Office. The Postal Inspector, Cairo Police Department, Thomasville Police Department and the Brooks County Canine Unit were all called to the scene to investigate.

Kevin Lee, Commander of the Thomasville Police Drug Unit says, “There were three packages, all sent from the same place, sent to three different people but they were within a block of each other. So, we kind of figured everything was suspicious.”

According to Lee, the boxes were shipped from Arizona, each of them containing around 11 lbs of the drug. He also says that each pound is probably worth around $1,000 in the street. If they were to brake it down into $5 or $10 bags, the worth would double.

Lee says that two of the packages were picked up by Tamarcus Sharpe, where he was approached by police. Lee says Sharpe tried to flee but was later apprehended. Police say, after they arrested Sharpe, they went outside to find Eric McCoy in a car.

According to Lee, “He had a small coin of marijuana on him at the time. We did a search of the vehicle, we found a small caliber hand gun in the trunk, along with a set of digital scales and numerous gallon zip lock bags.”

In a statement by the U.S. Postal Service, “The US Postal Inspection Service currently has no comment since this is an ongoing investigation…We will continue to fight all crime that touches the US Mail. This includes illegal drugs being placed in our country’s mail system. All violators will be pursued and prosecuted by the Postal Inspectors sworn to protect the US Mail.”

Sharpe and McCoy will be charged with trafficking marijuana, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm during a commission of crime.

via Cairo Post Office $90K Marijuana Bust.

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