APWU: Don’t Buy. It’s that easy.

With your help, the Stop Staples campaign is gathering momentum. After months of stonewalling by USPS management and Staples executives, the APWU National Executive Board voted to increase the pressure on the office-supply chain by officially calling for a “Don’t Buy” campaign for all products sold by Staples.


The “Don’t Buy” message is already catching on.

The American Federation of Teachers Michigan (AFT Michigan) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) have both voted to endorse the boycott and have pledged to support a “Boycott Staples” resolution at the upcoming national convention of the American Federation of Teachers, which will take place in Los Angeles July 11-14.

Educators are a key ally in the Stop Staples campaign: It is estimated that roughly one third of Staples’ revenue comes from the sale of school supplies, so the votes to stop shopping at Staples could have a big impact.

If one of your family members is a teacher, make sure they read this email, then have them sign the petition.

We’ve got momentum, but to win this, we’re going to need everyone on board. If you haven’t already, get signed up for our urgent alert system. Just text POSTAL to 91990 from your phone.

We’ve also asked the AFL-CIO to endorse the boycott as well and to add Staples to its national list of endorsed boycotts.

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