APWU: Big Enough to Win!

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Web News Article #: 166-2015
08/21/2015 – APWU President Mark Dimondstein addressed the convention of the American Federation of Government Employees on Aug. 17, and – echoing convention’s theme – asked, “Is it true that AFGE is becoming Big Enough to Win?” The response was a resounding “Yes.”

“The labor movement needs to be Big Enough to Win,” Dimondstein replied. “And not only big enough and strong enough, we need to be united enough to win because all workers are under attack,” he said, adding that the system is rigged in favor of the rich and big corporations. “While big banks got bailed out, government employees got cuts to pay and retirement.” Public sector worker are being demonized by billionaires, he noted, before thanking AFGE members for being among the APWU’s staunchest supporters in the fight to against privatization and the elimination of good jobs.

While he was in Orlando for the AFGE convention, Dimondstein visited the postal work floor, where he talked with union members.

Source: Big Enough to Win! | APWU

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