APWU: Bid Tracking System Goes Live March 9

Web News Article #: 40-2016
03/01/2016 – The Bid Tracking System (BTS), which helps local unions ensure that all jobs are filled, will go “live” on March 9.

Here’s how it works: Once a bid sheet comes in from management, local users enter the new position into BTS to easily keep track of all the job’s data and results – including Vacancy Notices and Award Notices.

The best feature of the BTS is its ability to capture bid tracking in a secure online format that is accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with web access. Thus, users can access BTS at work, at the office, or on the go. Users can easily retrieve job information by conducting a search through the database by the job posting or job ID number.

Other benefits of BTS include:

  • No hardware or software needs to be installed.
  • BTS tracks bid clusters.
  • BTS tracks vacancy postings.
  • BTS tracks award postings.
  • Users have the ability to upload additional related documents to each job posting.
  • Multiple users can access BTS at the same time.
  • Users can export reports into Excel spreadsheets with ease.
  • Due to cloud technology, BTS data is always backed up.

BTS was made with the members in mind. The goal of BTS is to ensure that locals have the means to accurately and efficiently track job postings in their facilities. Paired with Electronic Grievance System, BTS will take the union one step forward in the age of digital technology.

Locals are encouraged to register now for a webinar on March 9 to learn about program. The program will go live at the conclusion of the webinar.

Source: Bid Tracking System Goes Live March 9 | APWU

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