A Story of Tyranny: How one man grabbed power and came to be untouchable

I found the following story on “This American Life” yesterday. The parallels with postal management are uncanny. The psychopath discussed here had identical traits of a USPS Maintenance Manager in Philadelphia who terrorized, humiliated, bullied and abused all of the employees “under his control” for many years. And there are a lot more like him throughout the Postal Service.

petty_tyrantBy Ira Glass and Sarah Koenig – November 12, 2010


Host Ira Glass introduces the story of Steve Raucci, by way of an anecdote about a contraband space heater. It seems that everyone who knew Raucci experienced something he did that was just a bit…off.

Act One

Sarah Koenig tells Raucci’s story—the story of a virtuoso tyrant and bully, a man who made himself feared and untouchable, in a place where no one thought to look for a tyrant.

Act Two

Sarah Koenig’s story continues. This is the ‘fall’ half of the rise and fall of Steve Raucci…including secret recordings of the man himself.

Source: Petty Tyrant | This American Life

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