You Tube Video Exposes Complex Internal Package Theft at USPS

By Dave Parkinson – November 27, 2015
A Canadian awaiting a package from Miami, Florida was shocked to find out his package of comic books was tampered with using a sophisticated rerouting technique within the USPS.

Miami, Florida/Toronto, Ontario – You Tuber Luanga Nuwame has recently launched a public service announcement video on his Homemade Game Guru channel to expose how his tracked USPS package of comic books was tampered with. He wants his experience to serve as a warning to fellow consumers looking to ship expensive items though the USPS this Christmas season.

His 10-minute video entitled ‘How USPS Employees Can Steal Your Package’s Contents this Christmas’ outlines the 3-month ordeal Nuwame has endured to find out how postal employees opened his package and substituted its contents with a stack of paper without detection. The stolen comics were meant to be showcased in a review video on his channel.

It was in mid-August when a tracked and insured Priority Mail package of 29 comic books was mailed from a family member in Miami, Florida to Nuwame’s home near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During the ensuing two months, the package disappeared from an on-route Jacksonville postal facility. A lost package claim was initiated by Nuwame and just prior to the last day of the claim, in mid-October, the package was found in Chicago, Illinois and sent to Canada within a few days.

However, once received, Nuwame discovered the package was previously opened and 18 of the 29 comic books were taken out and replaced with a U.S. transportation compliance manual. The package breach was cleverly concealed using improperly placed Priority Mail shipping tape.


Somehow during the two months the package went missing, thieves were able to take the package and go through the contents, replace the stolen contents with a stack of manual pages equal in weight to the comics taken out and then reinsert the tampered package back into the postal system in a different state without being noticed.

The caper gets even bizarre when Nuwame discovered the re-introduction of the package in Chicago caused the online Florida tracking information to be removed and resulted in U.S. Customs checking the same package twice, in two different states, without raising any red flags. To add further stress and frustration to the situation, Nuwame said he had to deal with multiple “unhelpful and disinterested” USPS customer service representatives during seven phone calls throughout the ordeal.

“The meticulous and undetectable way the contents of my package were stolen, in addition to the agonizing back-and-forth headache of dealing with the USPS customer service agents on the phone highlights just how easy it is for this type of theft to happen,” Nuwame said.

“It is obvious to me the culprits have done this before and have a system in place to avoid detection. With the busiest shipping season still ahead, I want to warn people worldwide that this kind of sophisticated theft is a reality and the USPS is unwilling to stop it or acknowledge it,” Nuwame added.

His posted You Tube video goes into in-depth visual detail about what happened to the package and Nuwame expresses his theories on how he believes the theft was executed. Nuwame also request that viewers who have experienced a similar ordeal share their stories and use the hashtag #USPSinternaltheft to help spread awareness.

Source: You Tube Video Exposes Complex Internal Package Theft at The United States Postal Service

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