When is a Ticket not a Ticket?

Tickets were actually established so that a voter could cast a vote for a single slate of candidates or political party and all of the candidates of that slate/party would receive a vote. Tickets formed for the upcoming APWU elections are formed for convenience and cost reasons. Some joined one ticket first and then were asked by another. Some were never asked and joined where they could. One was even going to retire and decided to stick around and join a Ticket.

These Tickets or Teams will present themselves as united. That isn’t always the best thing. Should a down ticket candidate be punished for joining a ticket where we might believe the head of the ticket isn’t worthy to be President? I have never been part of a ticket/team where I couldn’t personally speak up for each and every member of that ticket.

We are already hearing from folks, but most of the ticket is solid or don’t vote for that person, but vote for the rest of us. I will judge a candidate by who they choose to run with, it’s a test of that person’s character. Do we give credit to the maintenance craft officers who have chosen to run alone? Have they shown great courage or the lack thereof? They are upset enough not to run with the current administration, but not courageous enough to join another ticket in opposition to the current administration. You will have to decide, but the cost of mailing to 38,000 members is far less than 194,000 members, was money a consideration?

We have numerous local’s voting to support entire Tickets even before the mid-June deadline reveals all the candidates. Is there not one person on another Ticket that you believe would serve the membership better than all the members of ticket you endorsed? Not even one? In the privacy of your home come September will you cast your vote for the Ticket or will you read the articles in the APWU magazine and make the best choice for the membership? I would argue that there are candidates on each of the Tickets that will vote for someone other than the people they are running with.

Tickets are formed for convenience and cost, I urge everyone to research the candidates fully. Do they really never come to work, does he really run the organization like a bully, was he actually the second choice to run for president, is he running for president because he was dumped from the ticket last time, is she really afraid of becoming president one day, when was the last time they had a new idea, are global issues all they talk about and ignore the craft, is his claim to fame he was on the R&F committee, is he a real smart guy but wasn’t invited to join a Ticket until really late and the questions go on and on. I know you have questions, get answers and make an informed decision. But, trust me this is exactly when a Ticket isn’t a Ticket.

First Name: LeRoy
Last Name: Moyer
Email: apwuldm@gmail.com
Union/Local: APWU – Charlotte Area Local
Office held if any: Past President PPWU, Charlotte Area Local, Co-Chair NPC

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