What postal job positions have tested positive for Coronavirus?

Hasn’t anyone asked the question?¬† Shouldn’t we have a right to know what job titles our positive testing postal workers have? This way we can determine for ourselves if we are “safe” enough to be working.

I am sorry, it has been years of working around unsafe events and every one has ended the same. Don’t tell until you have to do so. Management will hide important information until they are forced to release it. I feel like I have a right to know how many in each occupational group have tested positive for the illness.

I just saw where there are 111 cases that are postal workers. That is a lot, really. There are tons of jobs out there, it should be less for the total number. I think there might me an increased risk. But which occupational groups? Custodians? Mail Carriers? Clerks? BEMs?

First Name: Glenda
Last Name: Webb
Email: apwu4me@yahoo.com
Union/Local: APWU – Roanoke Local 482
Office held if any: Steward

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