What Are Your Experiences with the High Throughput Package Sorter?

Project Title: Performance of the High Throughput Package Sorter at the Queens, NY, P&DC
Start Date: Monday, October 29, 2018
Estimated Report Release Date: April 2019

The rapid growth of ecommerce has created many opportunities for the Postal Service. This holiday season, online spending is expected to grow between 17 and 22 percent; driving package delivery growth. Additionally, the Postal Service expects to deliver 900 million packages this holiday season. To increase operating efficiency at the Queens, NY, Processing and Distribution Center, the Postal Service purchased and deployed a High Throughput Package System (HTPS) to support continued growth in package volume. The HTPS in Queens, NY, is the second HTPS deployed by the Postal Service.

  • Will the HTPS improve delivery times?
  • How has the Queens HTPS reduced transportation costs to other mail processing facilities?
  • What other package processing improvements are needed at the Queens P&DC?

Source/Comment: USPS Office of Inspector General

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