Western PA Postal Workers Solidarity Committee Update – Jan 18, 2016

Via John P. Richards, President – Pittsburgh Area Retiree Chapter of the APWU:

Way too may rank and file continue to take a pass on this activity, leaving the task in the hands of a small but dedicated group._ For this demonstration, the numbers tell the tale. Half the group consisted of retirees and their spouses. We understand that some simply cannot attend these demonstrations, but that is a relatively small number of the membership. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “Never has so many Union workers owed so much to so few.”


One thought on “Western PA Postal Workers Solidarity Committee Update – Jan 18, 2016

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Philadelphia, PA Area Local #89
    Office held, if any
    Retired Maintenance Craft Electronics Technician / Retiree Activist Member

    Way too many rank and file continue to take a pass on this activity in Philadelphia. The majority, if not ALL, Stop Staples activists in the Philadelphia area are Retirees.

    It’s hard to comprehend why window clerks and other postal workers are not taking at least one half hour per month to protect their jobs and stop the dismantling and privatization of the Postal Service. Really? ONE HALF HOUR per month to fight for your job? The Philadelphia APWU and other craft unions have thousands of members. The Philadelphia Stop Staples Organizers have signs, leaflets, pamphlets, t-shirts and the passion and dedication. They have even offered to pick people up, buy them lunch, etc. but there are no takers. Everyone is too busy and needs all of their free time for other pursuits or just rest and relaxation

    Need more of your free time for yourself? You will have plenty of free time to think about what you could have done when you are out of a job, or worse, out on the street. Beware: The job you are NOT fighting for is your own.

    Oh well, Thank God for the Retirees!

    Please email me if you would like to join us in the Philadelphia “Stop Staples” campaign and please visit us on Facebook: Stop Staples – Philadelphia

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