Western PA Postal Workers Solidarity Committee Update – August 2016


08/15/2016 – Members of the Western Pennsylvania Postal Solidarity Committee held a Stop Staples protest in front of a location in Uniontown, PA, on Sunday, Aug. 14. Participants came from as far away as Beaver County, PA, and Ohio (via APWU).

Via John P. Richards, President – Pittsburgh Area Retiree Chapter of the APWU:

“We understand that availability is not an absolute. It is Summer time with all the demands of the season. There are family obligations, religious obligations, post office overtime in some facilities, and emergencies that occur without warning, etc. Nevertheless, taking all that into consideration there are still significant numbers of members available on Sundays from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM to join us ‘on the line’. The activities of our committee clearly has backed Staples management in this area into a corner. While they cringe behind the counter we take up our stations in front of their stores. Our demonstrations have had such a strong effect that they were ‘covered’ in the CBA arbitration award.”

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