Western PA Postal Workers: A World Turned Upside Down

Imagine this – life is going along in a very routine manner. Then out of the blue, you are ordered out of your home by the authorities and relocated to another locale. The authorities justify their actions because of a pending disaster. Several days later you are released from custody into a world never seen before. Everything you owned, including your home and all of it’s contents are wiped out. You have no shelter, no potable water, no electricity, no phone service, including cell service, in a word, nothing is left!

That is the plight faced by our Postal family in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, California, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Everything earned during a long Post Office career, wiped out, with little hope on the horizon for a quick fix. Help is needed, it is needed now, and it is needed in a big way!

That is why our Committee has taken the unprecedented action of committing each of our members to providing at least a total of $1,000.00 to contribute to the Postal Employees Relief Fund, or PERF. As this is written, the contributions from the Committee are being made. Some rank and file members are contributing too. But more can and should be done due to the magnitude of the situation.

For the first time in our history, we are reaching out to our members seeking contributions to increase the size of the donation.

Post Office workers are very generous when called upon to help those in need. We are banking on that generosity by reaching out to you in this method to join this noble effort.

We ask that you contribute as much as you can. You can give your contribution to any Shop Steward, or drop it off at your Local Union office, or send it in the mail to:


We urge that you do not pass up this opportunity to assist members of our Postal family who are in such dire straits. In these uncertain times, who knows if we might be the next ones that will need support from others. Thank you in advance for considering this effort and for whatever contribution you can make. You can take pride in knowing when the chips were down, you stood tall and did the right thing.

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