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    For the past 2 years, at least, my postmaster has posted our weekly schedules either on the Friday before the start of the work week or on the Saturday starting our work week. There have been at least 2 in depth discussions regarding this matter to no avail. In both discussions, which were approximately a year apart, I was told that I am a PTF and that she didn’t need to give me any schedule. I was also told that if she gave any schedule that she could give me a schedule with just start times or none at all. She again reiterated that I was a PTF and that I was only guaranteed 2 hours a week.

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    There used to be a requirement to post a weekly work schedule on Wednesdays in the HBK F-401 Supervisor Guide to Scheduling & Premium Pay and other manuals prior to 2000 when it was dropped. Most post offices still do it as a past practice.

    Three situations where posted work schedules are often used involve out-of-schedule premium (OSP). FTRs are given OSP instead of OT if management has given them advance notice of the change of schedule by Wednesday of the preceding service week.

    NTFT Flexible Clerk Craft duty assignments may be changed from week to week without out-of-schedule obligations, subject to a Wednesday of the prior week notification.

    Relief and Pool assignments consisting of five days or more do not require payment of OSP provided the Pool and Relief Clerk receives written notice of the assignment by Wednesday of the preceding week.

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