Wedding invitations go missing in the mail (video)

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Linda Lorentz personally carried the 120 invitations to her daughter’s wedding into the Orchard Park Post Office on May 27, but nine days later, not one of them has been delivered.

“It’s so baffling,” said Linda.

wedding1The invitations were something special, according to the bride-to-be, Gina Lorentz, whose uncle did the calligraphy on the envelopes.

“My Uncle Tom, who’s a beautiful artist, did those for us. It was one of his gifts to us, each of them was unique and a work of art,” said Gina.

Her mother joked about the fact that she actually spent more time choosing the wedding invitations than she did her wedding gown. Gina says she was counting down the days until they were being delivered to the Post Office.

“I just didn’t know that the Post Office doesn’t take responsibility for losing mail, which, it’s their job to get people their mail.”

“This is certainly an anomaly,” according to Postal Service spokesperson, Karen Mazurkiewicz. “To have wedding invitations still missing is just not the norm and obviously we realize that it’s a great concern to the bride and to the family.”

po_spokespersonThe staff at the Post Office remember weighing them and taking them in and Mazurkiewicz says they are “somewhere in our system, we’re very sure of that. Exactly where they are is the issue. We are truly sorry that they’re in this position.”

When mail gets lost, the Postal Service isn’t required to give any refunds, but in this case, the Postal Service did pay for the postage.

“They should pay for it, but I do think that they also owe us more than that,” according to Linda, who says the postage amounts to about a $150, but the invitations cost $700.

“The way it is right now, I either have to take away something else from the wedding, or make my own invitations,” said Gina.

The wedding is seven weeks away.

“I know we won’t have the RSVPs back in time by the date we had asked to do our table plans.”

Customers often have the option of insuring valuable packages before delivery, but that is not an option with wedding invitations. They are considered to have no monetary value.

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