Web Cams Installed In Florida P&DCs

webcamsLast week, management in the Suncoast District (Florida) placed mandates on Plant Managers to have Processing Plants install web cams in specific locations within each facility. Fort Myers, Manasota (Sarasota/Bradenton), Tampa and Orlando are four locations where management has placed web cams. These web cams can be viewed from any postal employee (management or Craft employee) who have access (even management or craft employees in other facilities). They even have the ability to snap photographs and record images of employees that could be utilized in inappropriate ways (even outside of the USPS). Photographs have already been placed on the workroom floor at the Fort Myers P&DC.

I have been informed that this is only the beginning as, management intends on setting up a  type system to monitor employees around the clock. We have been informed, in Orlando management is currently placing metal signs for each DBCS that place magnetic name tags of the employees assigned to the machine along with the maintenance employee assigned to monitor, diagnose, and repair that machine and also to include the sort plan being run on the machine. The plan is to install web cams so that those employees can be monitored as well.

Is management attempting to create their own entertainment by installing web cams for their viewing pleasure? Is this another way to micro manage everything that Postal Employees do? Could this be utilized in a manor that could invade employees personal privacy or used in inappropriate ways? I believe all of these could be true.

The intent of these web cams are very different from the Postal Inspection Service’s video taping of the workroom floor as the Inspectors play an integral role of ensuring the sanctity and security of the mail.

The placement of web cams on the workroom floor are a violation of the Administrative Support Manual (ASM) and should be fought in every facility where management attempts to place them in. There are arbitration awards that sustained grievances on this issue. Everyone should be aware of the possibility and probability of misuse of these web cams and should take immediate action as soon as they are installed in their facility.

via Sam Wood,  President – Southwest Florida Area Local

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