WASTE WATCH: USPS Packages Go Missing or Undelivered (video)

COLUMBUS (Brooks Jarosz) — Several viewers have claimed the U.S. Postal Service is slow, late and unreliable, so ABC 6 Investigators started asking questions and holding the government accountable.

James Baker wants to keep his ride running, so he ordered a manual for his car online. But after two weeks, he’s still waiting by his mailbox.

“When you don’t get answers, you get really mad,” Baker said. “I mean there were points of rage.”

Baker is upset because this marks the third package that hasn’t shown up. He’s tracked all three shipments time and time again. Two of them, according to the USPS website, say there were delivered. The third is still in limbo.

Baker says he went to the nearby post office four different times and came home with nothing.

“The simple fact that you can lose three packages in one day and have zero accountability for it and you can keep your job – it worries me,” Baker said.

After contacting our Waste Watch Investigative Tip Line, we started asking questions. The postal service says it’s looking into it. However, after an employee showed up to Baker’s home, he’s left still wondering what happened.

“Not even an ‘I’m sorry’ from someone at the post office,” Baker said. “I’m not asking for a lot but I want them aware of the situation and try to fix the situation instead of ignoring the situation and continuing to do business as usual.”

In an email, USPS spokesperson David Van Allen said, “We apologize for the situation as this is not indicative of the service we strive to give our customers.”

Still, Baker says this isn’t the first time he and his neighbors have had slow service…or no service.

The postal service says a manager will be meeting with Baker to get more information about the packages and address his concerns.

If you have a complaint about undelivered mail you can file that online at the postal service’s website.

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