W. PA Postal Workers Solidarity Committee Update: “Death knell for the Postal Service as we know it?”

“Due to the APWU’s bull dog persistence, the clandestine cabal between the Postal Service and Staple’s has been revealed. It is a sobering document that, if carried through to the intended conclusion, will be the death knell for the Postal Service as we know it. It is not an overstatement that the intent is a massive shift from most current operations to private companies. It is intended as a seismic shift that will doom the Postal Service for all time. The most damning provision states in clear language that the Staple’s operation is a “flag ship”, which if successful, will cause the shift of all window operations to private companies.”

Western_PA_Postal Committee_July_21_2015_staples_schedule

Click image for PDF of schedule

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