Vote Sarah Jane Rodriguez for APWU Health Plan Director

Sisters and Brothers,

I am respectfully asking for your vote and support to be your next Health Plan Director, as well as your support of the Fighting 4U Team.

I will work hard to maintain the great benefits we have currently, and have many ideas for achievable additions and improvements.

Free and reduced gym memberships based on the member’s level of participation.

Rebates for retired Medicare Part B participants.

Additionally, I aim to attain a supplemental Vision Plan; enhance our Dental benefits; increase Wellness and Preventative Programs; expand our PPO network with member suggestions; utilize our talented Health Plan Representatives in new ways to best educate and support our members; as well as develop digital strategies that will help members gain a better understanding of all the benefits our Health Plan offers.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sarah Jane


4 thoughts on “Vote Sarah Jane Rodriguez for APWU Health Plan Director

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    I am late to the party here on this issue of ‘rebates’ for the enrollment of Part B in the Medicare soup of options.

    However, I have made up for lost time doing nonstop investigation into this issue of of Part B and how it would play out with my self high option with the APWU health plan. Specifically what these ‘rebates’ being touted by some candidates would play out in the total cost to me for health care insurance in retirement.

    Just as I am filling out the Blue Book and think I have all my ducks in a row, I realize that I am in an uncertain situation with my health coverage.

    Some of what I am going to bring up is from the USPS Retirees Newsletter in which the USPS outlined the ‘advantage’ of being in Part B FOR the USPS.

    It’s a good deal they inform me. The USPS has always had my best interest at heart all these years. Right? The APWU would be out of business if that were so.

    In this blurb from the USPS about Part B, it is mentioned that many FEHB plans offer waiver of deductibles and co-pays if the retiree enrolls in Part B.

    As I have been on the APWU FEHB for 27 years, I have never looked at other FEHB plans.

    I have had what I needed and will continue to need after retiring.

    I consider my plan a ‘gold’ plan. The health plan gets relief on many costs with automatic enrollment into Medicare Part A. That is at no cost to the member as we contributed to Medicare for the required amount of time (10 years ) through payroll.

    Medicare Part B picks up many costs not provided by Part A, but obviously not enough — that’s where Part C comes in. Part C is provided by private insurance packaging Part C and is billed to he enrolled. Then you have Part D, also paid for by the enrolled to pick up costs for prescriptions.

    So, consider this. The APWU wants to save costs for themselves by ‘helping’ me enroll in Part B with B having its own set of co-pays and deductibles and still have a set of co-pays and destructible for FEHB APWU?

    And the relief they are going to give me is a ‘rebate’ to ‘help’ offset the cost of enrollment in Part B? Not totally offset it — but help make a dent in the extra monthly cost?

    Now, I pulled up charts for the initial cost of Part B for self. @ $140-$150 per month. I haven’t had the stomach for figuring out what the co-pays and deductibles are going to be on that plan.

    So, is what these candidates are proposing is ‘rebate relief’ for that monthly fee? Or better relief in regards to co-pay and deductible waivers for APWU health plan High Option?

    That is the real question on these rebates. Kind of reminds me of “if you like your doctor your can keep your doctor.” Great soundbite, but not a lot of detail.

    Hey, we’ll give you a rebate!!!! Details please, take it to the bank details.

    None are forthcoming from the few inquiries I have made to the candidates thinking like the USPS for me.

    Trust me — I have no quibbles with the APWU raising prices for their health plan. Just don’t try and sell me the snake oil of Part B when I already have the ‘gold’ plan. If the USPS is FOR it, please APWU justify why you agree with the USPS.

    Do the math and present your plan as to how it will be cost effective for ME.

    If Medicare Part A,B,C,D were such a great option, I wouldn’t even bother to take FEHB with me into retirement.

    Now, taking Part B becomes Part C for United Healthcare/ Cigna via the APWU High Option. Or in other words, FEHB APWU becomes an Advantage Plan.

    I challenge anyone running on this platform of Part B to ‘correct’ me in my understanding. Please use math and facts to help me understand why I should stay with FEHB APWU High Option if Part B is employed.

    My very personal belief is that the power of the APWU should be used to defeat this proposal in Congress. When is anything proposed as’ good for me’ by the USPS really been good for me? Now the Union is saying it is good for me? To help their bottom line? Or really good for me?

    Math and facts that can be verified, not a “Read my lips” soundbite please.

    In a ‘work around’ for the Part B debacle — I could just stay working until I die, still collect my Part A as a CSRS collecting SS and avoid the issue of Part B altogether and stay on my cherished High Option APWU FEHB.

    Respectfully, a member who is just looking for ‘facts’ and who is looking forward to being an APWU retiree.

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    Brother Haefner,

    My point is our members should not see their premiums double in one year and continue to see a “rebate” going directly from United Healthcare to APWU slush fund.

    Would you be happy to pay double for a new car and then learn that the dealer received the excess cost in a rebate from the manufacturer?

    As for passing amendments to address this I ask one question. When did we vote as a body to accept rebates from our healthcare underwriter while doubling the premiums.

    Don’t turn a blind eye while we are nickel and dimed while a wealthy insurance company gets wealthier.

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    Brother Ashley:

    If one understands the laws regarding authorization for expending Union funds, it would be realized that no National officer, sitting or incoming, has the authority by virtue of their office, to make any such commitment. Such an expenditure can only be authorized by action of the National Convention, or in the interim, action by the National Executive Board.

    If you are serious about this, you may want to attend your Local Union meetings, and convince your peers to support your position, write up a resolution, pass it by majority vote, and submit it to the National Convention.

    Personally, I cannot support such a resolution.


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    APWU - Utica Area Local 1820
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    Just one request Sarah Jane and we’re onboard.

    My Consumer Driven Plus One premiums doubled this year. When United Healthcare presents that multi-million dollar check to APWU in the fall can we get a rebate out to the very people whose increased premiums made up that surplus?

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