Vicco, KY Village Post Office opens inside liquor store

liquor_stamps2Vicco, Ky. (WYMT)– The eagle representing the United States Postal Service has landed at a Vicco liquor store.

“Post offices close kind of early in the day, actually so we’d be able to sell stamps,” said Sharon Taylor, manager at Kwik Six Liquor.

In addition to stamps, the village post office also ships flat-rate boxes.

The stores that house these village post offices do not make much money from the post office location itself, but do hope to benefit from the additional foot traffic.

Offices like this also help to compensate for reduced office hours at other post offices, according to Nick Walker, village post office coordinator for the USPS Kentuckiana district.

“We looked at serving two communities, which is Sassafras and Vicco, and this is a location that’s central to both,” said Walker.

See video here: Village post office opens inside liquor store.

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