Video: NYC Postal Activists Speak Out About the USPS-Staples ‘Dirty Deal’

[maxgallery id=”35076″]Shirley Dunaway, postal activist, and John Dennie, a long-time postal activist and organizer, speak out against the deal cut by former Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe with Staples to allow all 1500 Staples stores to set up mini-stations not staffed by trained postal employees. This is a highly risky proposition, not only deliberately undermining the USPS in the march to privatization, but also placing an invaluable public service at the mercy of Staples, a struggling franchise which has closed 170 of its stores nationwide since the deal was cut. The activists urge the public to boycott Staples and its subsidiary, to protest this dicey deal.
Filmed by Liza Béar on April 6, 2015.

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