Video: Norfolk postal workers fight to keep their jobs local


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(November 18, 2014) NORFOLK — Around 25 Hampton Roads postal workers gathered inside a Norfolk church Monday night to discuss how to save nearly 500 jobs. The workers are trying to come up with ways to keep the Norfolk Mail Processing Plant open.

Plans are in the work to move the mail processing plant to Sandston, Virginia which is near Richmond.

Norfolk postal workers said moving the jobs to the Richmond area would take a toll on service in Hampton Roads.

“The community can immediately begin to see slower mail delivery. A letter from Norfolk to Norfolk will not be delivered next day, it would be delivered the second day. That will have a ripple effect because then customers will start losing confidence in our ability to deliver and then start using other services,” said Reverend Charles Leavell, the President of Norfolk’s American Postal Workers Union.

The postal service is scheduled to move the processing jobs to the Richmond area by the summer of 2015. According to Leavell, closing the plant would not only have a ripple effect in Norfolk, but in the entire Hampton Roads community.

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