Video: Mom stages “nurse-in” after incident at Janesville Post Office

JANESVILLE (WKOW)– A Janesville mother is standing up for women’s rights to breast-feed in public, after a Post Office worker told her to cover up.

Raven Dibble was breast-feeding her two-week-old daughter, Harlow, as she made a stop a Janesville Post Office. She says the woman behind the counter told her to cover up, go outside or she could be refused service.

“It was really humiliating,” Dibble said.

After speaking to the postmaster a few days later, Raven did get an apology but wanted to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

“With her half-hearted apology, and the treatment that I received there, I wasn’t real hopeful that anything was gonna come of that,” Dibble said. “So we scheduled the nurse-in.”


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