Video: Postal workers concerned over Bakersfield PO closing hand out post cards

By Cassie Carlisle – August 31, 2015
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Union officials as well as the public are very concerned they will be paying extra to send their mail.

American Postal Worker’s Union President John Flores said the Bakersfield mail processing plant is in danger of being shut down. He said it all started four years ago.

“The only reason they haven’t done it yet is because they need congressional approval,” Flores said.

Spokesman for USPS Richard Maher said no such rule exists, and the placement of these plants depends on volume of mail and the population of the area. Though, Maher said they have been downsizing since 2011, to try and change the way the business works to fit the new era (with cell phones, e-mail, etc).

If the plant shut down, the nearest processing plant is in Santa Clarita, about 80 miles away.

Flores said to combat this, he’s having postal workers wear pins and pass out post cards trying to get signatures to save the plant.

Those who used the Pegasus Post Office Monday said they would absolutely sign a petition to keep the post office and that it’s important to keep around.

“I think it’s a very good idea, I really do, I think it performs a valuable service. I see people there all the time, going through the line, mailing packages, getting stamps,” 15 year customer Don Linder said.

Maher said this year the plant is safe until the end of the year, but he does not know beyond that.

23ABC reached out to Kevin McCarthy’s office, they said they are unaware of the issue.

Source: Concerns over Bakersfield post office closing cause mail carriers to hand out post cards – 23ABC News

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