Video: City of North Platte, Nebraska Appeals Post Office Relocation

It’s the US Post Office versus the City of North Platte.

By Amy Kauffman – April 10, 2015
Post Office officials want to consolidate the two post office locations in North Platte to one. The location of choice is in the Industrial Park.

And now the City of North Platte decided to appeal March’s final decision.

This afternoon, an official letter was drafted, to appeal the final determination of the post office consolidation.

The post office characterizes their action as a relocation.

But the city is saying that the federal regulations require postal representatives to conduct one or more public hearings describing the project to the community.

The city goes onto say that the United States Postal Service has not satisfied those requirements.

Though the US Postal Service has made a presentation to City Council — the City says they have not conducted those public hearings for the community.

The city also pointed out that the US Postal representatives are supposed to find an existing building in the same area as the current facility — when a need to relocate is identified.

Now the offical letter of appeal from the city ends by saying that the services of the US Postal Service are very important to the city of North Platte and they wish to continue that relationship.

We tried to get an official comment from the post office, but they did not answer our calls.

via City Appeals Post Office Relocation.

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