VMF team keeps USPS vehicles operating safely

The Binghamton, NY, Vehicle Maintenance Facility team includes, from left, Jeff Abildness, Rich DiVirgilio, Brett Hatfield, Mike McCulskey and Patrick Welsch.

Brett Hatfield stopped carrying mail several years ago, but that doesn’t mean he stopped delivering for customers in Binghamton, NY.

After putting down his satchel, Hatfield became a mechanic and transferred to the Binghamton Vehicle Maintenance Facility. He now leads a five-person team that helps keep 275 delivery vehicles operating safely.

“The team of five we’ve got here is absolutely fantastic,” Hatfield said. “The five of us spend 40-50 hours together [each week]. It’s more time than you spend with people at home.”

In Binghamton, some vehicles are serviced as many as four times a year. The team completes almost 700 service jobs altogether annually.

“We don’t have the luxury of having extra vehicles to lend so we have to keep everything out there every day,” Hatfield said.

USPS operates vehicle maintenance facilities across the nation. Mechanics like Hatfield and his co-workers play critical roles in the organization because they keep its delivery fleet running smoothly.

John Catania, who manages the Binghamton vehicle maintenance facility, said its rate of “scheduled maintenance left undone” is zero.

“This means we have seen every vehicle due for service and we are confident that the public and carriers are in safe, reliable vehicles,” Catania said.

Source: USPS

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