USPS: In case of emergency – Employee hotline gets new features


emergencyThe USPS National Employee Emergency Hotline now has new features, including a more interactive process.

The Postal Service uses the hotline during emergencies, such as facilities problems and weather emergencies, to notify employees of closings or late openings. The hotline number — 888-363-EMERGNC (888-363-7462) — is on the back of employee badges.

Employees can now dial the hotline and press “5” after entering their ZIP Codes. Their calls will be routed to someone who can verify that the employee is in a safe environment and also can relay employee information to district and area managers.

Hearing-impaired employees can use Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) by calling state TRS toll-free numbers. A TRS operator will relay information to the Postal Service on the caller’s behalf.

A list of the state TRS toll-free numbers is on the Federal Communications Commission’s website.

via USPS News Link Story – In case of emergency.

One thought on “USPS: In case of emergency – Employee hotline gets new features

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    NALC - Branch 283
    I worked at the Katy Annex ph 281-574_1402/1406, and as everyone knows, the Houston and the surrounding area post offices
    are in flood zones yet when I and my fellow carriers call the USPS emergency hotline, the recording is the same as when I started 12 years ago, which states business as normal, please report to work!

    The Problem is that the Katy Annex is closed and should be noted that due to “Harvey” and all the high water and flooding in and around the Post office. It would be nice from the Hotline to reflect that so that the postal employees don’t get stuck trying to get to work when the whole world knows that we are going though a devastating storm and flooding. USPS, Please update your mention for area code 281!

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