USPS Zero Tolerance Policy in Philadelphia? APWU Local President Casselli ‘thrown out of building’

usps-fail…On October 21, 2014, at approximately 2:00 a.m., I was walking the workfloor on Tour 1 and was approached by Mr. Hinton who began screaming out my name and making threatening remarks as to what he was going to do to me.  I informed Mr. Hinton that I was not stopping anyone from working.  He proceeded to get so close to me that he started to Chest Bump me.  I asked Mr. Hinton to get out of my face and stop bumping me.  He started screaming, “I’m the boss and I will do what I want.”  As I started to walk away from the confrontation, Mr. Hinton followed me bumping and screaming the entire time.  I continued to ask Mr. Hinton to get out of my face and stop spitting when he talks.  As I continued to walk, I saw several employees that were witnesses to Mr. Hinton’s actions as well as a Postal supervisor who informed Manager Melvin Williams that Mr. Hinton was at fault.

I was approached by Manager Williams and was told that I am thrown out of the building. Mr. Hinton is a supervisor who continuously performs like a thug on the work floor. He is always under investigation for his conduct and actions as a postal supervisor on the work floor. When does this stop?

The Postal Service answer to the actions of Mr. Hinton is to transfer him to Trenton, NJ, where he can continue two cause havoc and violence to the employees at that facility which is not the answer or solution to the problem.

The Postal Service continues to hold craft employees to the fullest extent of the Zero-Tolerance Policy and Management is held at a disparative curve. Hiding these abusive and unprofessional supervisors and managers is not the answer. The Postal Service needs to show everyone that all postal workers are accountable. Due to the atmosphere on the work floor, if these issues are not immediately addressed, we believe that there will be more serious problems…..

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2 thoughts on “USPS Zero Tolerance Policy in Philadelphia? APWU Local President Casselli ‘thrown out of building’

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    APWU Philadelphia Local 89
    Mr. Hinton…another fine case of nepotism. I saw Ms. Bowen looking at the letter, signed by both Mail Handler president and APWU president, and she said to someone “this man is sick.” Thanks Nick for doing a fine job, it’s about time we have a president doing something for us members!

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    Great CT
    Office held, if any
    National Director, Emeritus. APWABA.
    Have read of others experiencing similar situations and hope that our National is up to the growing threats to union activism. If the National allows intimidating tactics to continue a chill will be cast over the entire postal union movement at this, our most critical time.

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