USPS: ‘We got this’ – Western New York District braves ‘Snow-vember Storm’

snow_mail_truckThe storm that dumped more than 7 feet of snow on parts of the greater Buffalo, NY, area last week caused major disruptions to everything, including mail service.

“We did what we do best in Western New York and what we do best as postal employees — took care of our people, moved mail where we could, and enacted plans to recover when the snow stopped,” said District Manager James Lentz.

While some parts of the area received minimal snow and mail service continued, other parts hunkered down to wait out the “Snow-vember Storm.” Some municipalities banned driving and the governor closed several major roads.

In response, postal contingency plans were put in place.


“The weather may have stopped us for a few days, but with the resilience of our employees and the tenacity of our communities, we plan on being back to full speed in a few days,” Lentz said. “We got this.”

via USPS News Link Story – ‘We got this’.

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