USPS to replace eAccess – New system to improve security, functionality

ARIS, the new system to provide USPS employees with access to digital programs, will be introduced in two phases, starting later this year.

The Postal Service will soon introduce ARIS, a state-of-the-art system that will be used to provide employees with secure, easy access to USPS digital resources.

ARIS — short for Access Registration and Identity System — will effectively replace eAccess, which was launched 23 years ago and uses legacy technology that is costly to maintain and increasingly vulnerable to security threats.

The new platform will offer several advantages:

Employees and contractors will find it easier to locate applications and request access to them. In some instances, workers will receive automatic access to certain programs based on their job role.

Managers will find a simplified, intuitive dashboard to review, approve and modify team members’ access requests.

Administrators will benefit from automated reporting and reconciliation, and simplified auditing and certification processes.

Over the long term, ARIS will offer a stronger, more successful access platform that can be maintained at a lower cost. Because ARIS will use commercial off-the-shelf software, it will be easier to update and maintain security, too.

The Postal Service will roll out ARIS in two phases.

The first phase will migrate more than 10 applications — including TACS, eRMS and eTravel — to the platform by Sept. 30.

In the second phase, remaining applications will begin moving to ARIS during the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 and continue migration through 2024 until eAccess is retired.

ARIS is part of the organization’s Office Workplace Modernization initiative to improve customer service, better support the postal workforce and achieve financial stability.

The ARIS Blue page has additional information.

Source: USPS

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