USPS taking back air cargo functions in AZ, AK

Employees at the West Valley Processing and Distribution Center in Phoenix prepare mail that is being shipped by air.

September 6, 2022
The Postal Service is resuming terminal handling services, a function that has been outsourced for decades, at two sites this year.

This move will create 53 new craft positions and additional supervisory positions.

Terminal handling services prepares inbound and outbound mail being shipped by air through the FedEx network for processing by USPS facilities.

The West Valley Processing and Distribution Center in Phoenix began terminal handling services on Aug. 22. Anchorage, AK, will follow later this year.

“The insourcing will create additional work for USPS employees and most importantly will provide stability in providing consistent and reliable service, a core component of the Delivering for America plan,” said Robert Cintron, vice president of logistics for the Postal Service.

Cintron praised the work of the USPS Logistics Team led by Erika Ramirez, Western Division logistics director, for providing the framework for further expansion to other sites around the country in the coming years.

Source: USPS

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