USPS: Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink Friday, Oct. 19

The Postal Service is inviting employees to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink Friday, Oct. 19.

Employees at the Lexington, KY, Post Office wear USPS-licensed breast cancer awareness shirts in 2017. From left are Latasha Trent, Mary Mu, Leslie Bond, Tammy Rogers, Lynda Chastain and Teri Brown.

Wear Pink Day aims to raise awareness of the disease and to honor survivors and those who have died.

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in American women, according to the National Cancer Institute. Women are diagnosed more than men, but men can also develop the disease.

USPS is encouraging employees to learn the symptoms and risk factors, get regular screenings and take preventive measures.

Experts recommend talking to your doctor about getting a mammogram if you are 45 or older, although if you have a family history of cancer, you can get mammograms as early as age 40.

Many health plans include free annual mammogram screenings.

The Postal Service also offers its Breast Cancer Research Stamp, which has raised more than $86 million to fund research programs across the nation.

Employees who participate in Wear Pink Day must follow their facility’s dress code or the regulations found within Employee and Labor Relations Manual, Subchapter 930, Work Clothes and Uniforms.

The USPS Wellness LiteBlue page and the National Cancer Institute’s site have more information about breast cancer.

Source: USPS

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