USPS Supervisor Transferred, Not Fired, After Harassment Claims, Worker Says

By Regina Waldroup – October 1, 2018
It’s hard work, but Courtney Ferguson says she loves her job with the post office. She’s been at a facility in Schiller Park for four years now.

“The post office is a great job to have,” she told NBC 5 Monday.

What Ferguson said she didn’t expect in her job? Sexual harassment.

“It is never ending,” she said.

Starting in December of last year, Ferguson claimed one of her superiors started making suggestive comments about her body.

“You look thick today, you are just beautiful, your mother made you perfect,” she said.

Ferguson said she felt like she was on display.

“He had another coworker look me up and down and say ‘isn’t she grounded, just look at her body, it’s just perfect.'”

“I would come to work with a hat and baggy clothes (a) jacket just to cover myself so he would not say anything to me, but he still said something to me,” she added.

Ferguson said she reached out to other supervisors, her union and even wrote a letter to the plant manager.

“I told other supervisors,” she said. “Nobody did nothing.”

“I cried almost everyday,” she said.

Fed up, Ferguson contacted the Equal Employment Commission and filed a complaint detailing the alleged harassment. That was followed by mediation, she said.

Courtney says that supervisor has been moved to another facility. But she wonders why he wasn’t fired.

“I wanted him removed,” she said. “I don’t want someone else to feel how I felt.”

The post office sent NBC 5 a statement saying it does not comment on personnel matters.

Ferguson said she doesn’t regret speaking up.

“No other women should go through that at the work place,” she said. “You should work, come home and enjoy life. It should not be that stressful at work.”

Source: NBC 5 Chicago

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