USPS statement on Trump administration proposal to reorganize some federal agencies

The Postal Service has issued a statement regarding a Trump administration proposal to reorganize some federal agencies.

The proposal, part of a report the administration released June 21, recommends restructuring and possibly privatizing USPS.

“The consistent position of the Postal Service has been that our flawed business model is the root cause of our financial instability because it imposes significant costs on us without giving us adequate business flexibility to enable us to pay for them. It is important that potential reforms to fix our business model be developed and then considered by the president and Congress in an open and transparent manner that fully analyzes the interests of America’s consumers and businesses,” Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan said.

“Ultimately, it will be for Congress to decide whether the best path to financial sustainability is to preserve the Postal Service’s status as a government institution focused on our mission of public service, while giving us more authority to meet our responsibilities, or whether a profit-maximizing corporate model is preferable. We will continue to work with all parties, including the Presidential Task Force established to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Postal Service, to address these significant public policy issues.”

Excerpt from Trump Administration Report:

Full Report:

Source: USPS

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