USPS: Social media security

Think twice before posting inflammatory messages or inappropriate photos online, particularly on social media sites, the Postal Service’s Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) advises.

Postings could remain on sites for years and hurt your reputation. “It’s important to remember that once posted and shared on social media sites and the Internet, information is almost impossible to delete,” said CISO Manager Chuck McGann. “What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet.”

Management at Postal Service facilities may permit employees to make limited personal use of USPS information technology, if it has minimal impact on Postal Service resources, such as sending a brief personal email from your postal account.

McGann also advises cautioning children and other family members about what they post online. “Age appropriate tips for the Internet can help parents educate other family members on safe and ethical usage of social media and other online sites,” he said.

via USPS News Link Story – Social media security.

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