USPS: Saturday, June 14 is Flag Day

Saturday, June 14, is Flag Day, one of six days each year postal facilities are required to fly the POW-MIA flag. Displaying the flag honors the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces held as prisoners of war or listed as missing in action.

The POW-MIA flag must fly below the U.S. flag. Visit the Postal Service’s POW-MIA flag site for more information.
Postmasters and station managers should regularly inspect U.S. and POW-MIA flags flown at their facilities to make sure they’re serviceable and displayed with respect. When a flag is tattered, faded or otherwise no longer a fitting emblem for display, it must be immediately replaced.

The U.S. flag must be disposed of properly and must never be thrown into the trash. The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and most Boy and Girl Scout troops can help with proper disposal.

Postmasters and station managers can order U.S. and POW-MIA flags through eBuy2.

via USPS News Link Story – Flag Day.

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