USPS revises RCE survey due to social distancing concerns

From: Lamont Brooks <>
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 4:48 PM
To: APWU National Officers
Subject: HIGH IMPORTANCE Notification No. GCCC20200214 USPS to Resume RCE Shops May 26 – Reassigned


In anticipation of a national grievance the postal service made revisions under COVID-19 and included the last paragraph to address the Union’s issue involving social distancing. It is imperative that clerks protect themselves by maintaining their social distancing. You have a right under safety to protect yourself.

Please review the HAZMAT question exception and do NOT answer for the customers unless the customer opts out in accordance with the guidance listed below.

As part of the response for the COVID-19 pandemic, on March 24, the Postal Service suspended the Retail Customer Experience (RCE) shops (formerly referred to as Mystery Shopper Program).

Effective May 26, the RCE shops will resume. The use of the mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) and Lobby Assistants will continue to be suspended where it requires close customer contact.

Additionally, the RCE survey has been revised to allow an additional response option to the shopper to support COVID-19 concerns as they relate to the customer display unit (CDU). Specifically, the question and response options related to hazardous material will be as follows:

Q: Did you personally enter your answer to the hazardous material question on the CDU display?
Please select NA-Technical Issues if there was a technical issue with the CDU.

R: Yes
No-I was not given the opportunity to answer on the screen
No-the clerk answered on the CDU display for me
NA-Technical Issues
NA-I personally opted not to touch the CDU. I asked the clerk to input my response.

The last response option has been added.

Finally, micro shops will be conducted to review COVID-19 related processes in place in retail units. The areas of focus for the micro shops include cough/sneeze guards, retail COVID-19 signage, and social distancing.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division

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