USPS reviewing task force’s report

USPS is reviewing the recommendations of the Trump administration’s task force on the nation’s postal system.

The task force, which was announced in April, issued its report Dec. 4.

“The recommendations contained in the report should be evaluated together with legislative and regulatory reforms to address our urgent financial challenges. Reforms are necessary to enable the Postal Service to further reduce costs, grow revenue, compete more effectively, function with greater flexibility to adapt to a dynamic marketplace, and to prudently invest in our future,” Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan said.

“The Postal Service will remain focused on aggressively managing our business. We will take all appropriate actions within our control to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our primary mission to provide prompt, reliable and efficient service to American businesses and consumers in all communities in our country,” Brennan said.

The Postmaster General also encouraged employees to remain focused on serving customers during the busy holiday season.

“While we continue to work with our stakeholders to address these important public policy matters, it’s important for our employees to focus on their day-to-day work, especially during peak season. Across the United States, our customers are depending on us to deliver their holiday cards, letters and packages, and I know the men and women of the Postal Service remain dedicated to serving those needs.”

Source: USPS

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