USPS reminds employees to update their beneficiary forms

Completing life insurance beneficiary forms allows employees to choose who will receive payment.

The Postal Service wants employees to have up-to-date beneficiary forms for life insurance and other benefits.

While completing a beneficiary form is not mandatory, doing so allows an employee to choose who will receive payment.

If an employee does not name a beneficiary, payment will be made to the next of kin according to a predetermined order of precedence.

Employees can review their forms by going to LiteBlue, selecting the “My HR” tab and then choosing “Access eOPF.”

Beneficiary forms are available on the Human Resources Shared Service Center Blue page or by calling 877-473-3273 and selecting Option 5. The forms are also available from the Office of Personnel Management website.

The forms for designating beneficiaries are SF 1152 for unpaid compensation, SF 2823 for the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program, SF 3102 for the Federal Employees Retirement System and TSP-3 for the Thrift Savings Plan.

The Human Resources LiteBlue page has FAQs about beneficiary forms, while the Wellness LiteBlue page has more information about maintaining your physical, emotional and financial health.

Source: USPS

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