USPS: Reflecting safety – Districts use mirrors to encourage seatbelt use


Lawrenceville, GA, Letter Carrier Pat Madincea stands in front of a “safety mirror”

 A Capital District safety mirror

A Capital District safety mirror

New “safety mirrors” are being deployed throughout the district to remind Postal Service drivers to wear their seatbelts. The mirrors come equipped with seatbelts or tape that mimics belts; when an employee looks at the mirror, their reflection reminds them to buckle up.

The district, part of Capital Metro Area, has installed the new mirrors in every office where carriers depart for the street.

Other districts in the area are adopting this approach. A mirror in Northern Virginia District has a sign that reads, “Seat belts save lives. You are the key to your safety.”

“This proactive approach to bolster employee safety ties into the Postal Service’s overall goal of creating and maintaining safe workplaces and practices,” said Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams. “It emphasizes personal responsibility as we build a stronger safety culture together.”

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Walla Walla, WA Local 36
    Office held, if any
    Really? How much did that cost? 200 a mirror?

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