USPS Redesigns Earnings Statement Leave Sections

We revised PS Form 1223-B, Earnings Statement (known as PayStub), to provide additional information on the leave data. We intend for the changes to:

  • Improve communication about earned annual leave (AL) balance.
  • Better align the information on the paystub or paycheck with the leave information that is already available to employees using ePayroll.
  • Enable employees to better plan for the use of leave or to calculate Terminal Leave (the payment to employee for earned AL when separating or retiring).

At the beginning of every leave year (LY), full- and part-time regular employees are advanced their annual leave hours for the entire year. These hours become earned as employees continue to work through the end of the leave year.

The leave year starts at the first full pay period (PP) of the year. This means that the first and last work day of the pay period is in the new calendar year. For 2017, this is pay period 2.

Leave data on the pay stub represents hours, unless you are a rural carrier. Annual leave and sick leave are expressed as days for rural employees.

Here is a comparison of old and revised Leave sections of PS Form 1223-B, Earnings Statement, as of pay period 5-2017:

Source: USPS

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