USPS: Properly dispose of hazardous, regulated items

Packages containing damaged, leaking or nonmailable hazardous materials aren’t permitted in the mailstream.

The Postal Service wants employees to safeguard the mailstream from improperly wrapped or damaged packages containing hazardous materials.

Once packages containing damaged, leaking or nonmailable hazardous materials are identified, they should be brought to a designated rewrap or hazardous material mail staging area for assessment.

Hazardous items that are disposed of locally could be regulated and require special attention.

Potentially regulated items include aerosol cans; batteries; cleaning supplies and other chemicals, including bleach; drugs and pharmaceuticals; fertilizers; fuels; hand sanitizer; lamps; lighter fluid; nail polish remover; oils; paints; perfumes; pesticides; and solvents and thinners.

Failure to properly dispose of items classified as hazardous, universal, medical or infectious waste violates environmental regulations and could result in a notice of violation.

For more information, refer to the Hazardous and Regulated Waste Management Blue page or the Mailstream-Derived Waste Management Environmental Compliance Bulletin.

Source: USPS

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